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Plaster on Monday, paint on Wednesday

Spray plaster systems are an astonishing breakthrough and if you haven't seen us in operation, then you owe it to yourself to arrange a consultation or an onsite demo by contacting Dave Starr today.

This is NOT conventional wet plaster just sprayed through a spray gun, it’s a compound designed especially for our airless spray guns, meeting all the regulations any new build contractor would expect. I.E. insulation, fire proofing, and sound proofing.

The plaster most suited to skimming drywall, is more like a heavy paint, as it contains organic binders that give it flexibility, which resists cracking as the stud wall timbers or ceiling joists dry and move. This type of material dries fast and can be painted after as little as 24 hours, depending on the ambient temperature and humidity, which compares very well with traditional plaster that may require several weeks before it can be painted.

We're one of the very few companies who offer spray plaster systems in the UK, to new build construction companies with fast track building projects, and we are an approved contractor in the South.

We have been using these systems for many years now and have developed extensive expertise. As a painting contractor we know what the finish should look like prior to decoration commencing. This background is essential, because to get the full advantages of spray plaster systems, you need to know the people using it are fully qualified, experienced and competent in this field.

What are the advantages?

There are many - and once you've seen the quality of the finish, you'll be amazed that anyone still uses dry lining methods or wet plaster:

It really is a wonder product and we would be happy to give you a demonstration of spray plaster in action.

Dave Starr spray plastering are specialists in the field of spray applied plaster. Spray plastering has been used in Europe for many years and is quickly becoming a widespread alternative to traditional dry lining and plastering in the UK due to both its economic benefits and rapid speed of application.

We are fully trained and have complete technical backup of the plaster manufacturers we use and can offer a guarantee with the work.

The ready mix plasters are a rapid, cost-effective alternative to traditional plaster and dry lining for finishing walls and ceilings. They are purpose designed for machine application on fast track building projects. Supplied pre-mixed to the correct consistency for spray application, the finished surfaces can be emulsion painted after only 24 - 48 hrs. So fast that up to 1,000 m2 per week can be finished by a two man crew.

Other benefits: